Atypical Transitory Correlations

It is by my ignorance that none shall succeed and my brilliance that I shall fall.

With that being said, I have begun a theoretical pursuit of resolving the instability of the price of the Spell token. My objective is to simply allow Abracadabra its own audience beyond my aspirational goals of financial independence.

When contemplating the lack of market response to such actions that Wonderland, the community and the uncategorized investors in $time had conducted and, while the price of Time continued to decline, it was determined that the best practice for my own stability was not to deem the project a failure, or a success, but to allow the proof of its validity to be forthright and without contest.

This meant providing a level of physical support for Wonderland, by creating an LP token on TraderJoe and deeming it an infinite detraction from my wallet, would provide the necessary channel for the facts of Wonderland to become more prevalent than stipulation and suspicion.

This is a practical approach to quelling undesired results from the advent of ingenuity and development where there is an ample amount of forbearance, but seldom is the model for disposition actively invested in.

That is seen in the contrasting scenario when an investor will nearly Zero out their balance of a Network Token so as to maximize the amount of something more favorable, desirable, promising or necessary. One frequent request that many discord channels can report is someone asking help with gas fees.

Shrug it off if you’d like, but there is another example to the expected result of actually supporting the means of your investment: when sailing across open waters a boat will make greater passage by the speeds it gains from a diagonal-zigzag pattern rather than simply aiming straight on to a predetermined destination

I am not the boat, nor the wind, but the venue for passage of the protocol and can decidedly allow it to fail or succeed by its own merit. If Abracadabra, or any other facility, is worthy, it is by its own right and integrity.

The common opinion had been that Abracadabra and Wonderland were one in the same, and even required public statements refuting such claims. Last night I took a step in the very path I would point you to heed and entered upwards of $20.00 into a liquidity pool for Spell/Avax with TraderJoe. It is a small amount and only one person’s will to succeed, but I do not think the following example is without conclusive and definable character representations.

That factual advantage is also found in the results of Patronum, but levied by investor confidence rather than the prosperous potential of the protocols performance.

If you are a Spell holder looking for nothing more than rewards from staking and you believe the price of the token is undervalued, then I suggest providing liquidity to some major DEXs, burn a $mim before you cash out again and let Abracadabra best the gauntlet, thus forgoing any further need to appeal.

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