AIP #13.3: 5m MIM Top Up to the $CRV Cauldron

AIP #13.3: 5m MIM Top Up to the $CRV Cauldron

TL;DR: Mint 5m MIM to the $CRV cauldron to allow new positions to be opened.

Increase Limit

Given the enormous success of our $CRV cauldron, which has been sold out since the 16th of December, the following proposal is to mint an additional 5m MIM to the $CRV cauldron, raising the total borrowable amount of MIM for this cauldron to 20m. You can read more about CRV performance here.

Cauldron Address: 0x7d8dF3E4D06B0e19960c19Ee673c0823BEB90815

Cumulative Previous Limit: 15m MIM

Cumulative New Limit: 20m MIM

This top up will be executed by the DAO multisigners, if this proposal were to pass, the interest rate discount structure as outlined in AIP #13.1 would continue to apply.

In order to process this top up, a new CRV cauldron has been deployed with additional technology improvement and the exact same interest, interest refund optionality, liquidation fee and borrow fee.

Such a Cauldron will be called CRV V2.0 on the UI.

Voting Period

In order to ensure a smooth top up process, the following proposal will remain as an AIP for 24 hours, after which a snapshot vote will be posted and voted on for an additional 24 hours. If this proposal passes, the top up would be executed immediately after and the new cauldron deployed.

The proposal has passed!

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Top it up is much as possible!! :man_mage: