About the Grant Applications category

The following category allows community members to apply to the Grant Program Approved in AIP #24.

Snapshot Proposal Naming Template: “[GRANT][ProposalName]”

• [GRANT]: This prefix is critical as it immediately identifies the proposal as a grant application within the Abracadabra community.

• [Proposal Name]: This segment should be a brief, clear title that encapsulates the primary goal or unique feature of the proposal. It’s advisable to avoid overly technical language or complex terminology that might not be immediately clear to all community members.

• Grant Approval:

If the application is approved, the user will receive the grant funds and can begin their project. Grant funds may be dispersed in installments, depending on the project timeline and milestone delivery.

• Progress Updates:

The user will provide regular updates to the community on the project’s progress, ensuring transparency and allowing for community feedback.

• Project Completion:

Upon completion of the project, the user will present the finished product to the community. If the project is not completed within the estimated timeline, the user may need to provide an explanation and revised timeline, subject to community or core team approval.