A no-cost recovery plan for $SPELL (FTM)

A no-cost recovery plan for $SPELL (FTM)

I have a suggestion for a solution to protect the integrity of $SPELL in the phantom network and $SPELL in general at no extra cost to the treasury.

I am writing this solution in articles.

  1. A new token $SPELL v2 should be created and a new $SPELL compatible with layer zero should be created.

  2. $SPELL v2 tokens should be airdropped to those who already have $SPELL

  3. Liquidities from old $SPELL should be withdrawn and added to $SPELL v2.

This way, the old $SPELL will be completely worthless and all the value will be transferred to $SPELL v2.

If an operation is not performed to save $SPELL in this way, there will be no future for $SPELL because it will disappear from the market in the future due to loss of trust and reputation.