gOHM as Collateral

gOHM as collateral

Everyone remembers the rebase phenomenon, hyperinflationary mint cascade of revenue. What resulted of that delirium is two protocols that are in exceptional position to thrive in DEFI. Wonderland and Olympus

gOHM has proven itself to be one of those most stable forms of collateral in DEFI. See chart if need be. The predominant base of the position is currently in stablecoins and they own roughly 60m of POL.

Eventually, this market is going to turn and I see gOHM being a position that maintains relative wealth in these markets with diversified risk. Market liquidity for gOHM is more than adequate for issuing MIM against.

With that being said I would like to see the community open a discussion utilizing gOHM as collateral for MIM.

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Wouldnt hurt to try!!! Sounds like a good idea to me… :man_mage: