AIP #7 - Expecto Patronum: A shield for all frogs

wonderland is full of frogs holding with memo that voted to keep wonderland going along side abra. We all on same team. If we vote yes for this its a game changer


lol they deleting comments here, they really are hiding something


wonderland was attacked man, fuds going around. This proposal is what needs to happen for spell for mim and for the little frogs over at wonderland.


stop with the stupid fucking proposals and give the fucking people who voted no on the first one the treasury so they can get away from you fucks

I am tried of being pulled through these fucking hoops honor the NO vote to dissolve the treasury and allow the real frogs to vote new management piss off with this shit

Delete this message you mother fuckers

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It was a long read, but I´m against it. - This must be the funniest comment I´ve ever seen!!! Haha, Thank You for making me lmfo!! I on the other hand thinks this sounds like a GREAT proposal!!

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Im in favor. This seems like a good idea, and these have been rare over the past week.


This is a great idea as it would benefit both Abracadabra and WMEMO holders. However, in order to prevent pump/dump manipulations on both Spell and WMEMO tokens I would pre-establish a fixed amount of Spell per WMEMO (as in the the merge proposal). This would have to be better than market price for WMEMO holders to incentivise them to do this instead of simply swapping the tokens on the market (it would basically work like a WMEMO bond). I would also add 30-90 days linear vesting to the Spell being given to DAO token holders.

  1. Please propose stuff like this as a RFC first. Why do you believe that your first proposal ist the very best possible?

  2. It’s really annoying that there’s new stuff/proposals/ideas every day. It would be so great if you could just stay off Twitter for a week or month and really build/ let the protocol grow. I guess I’ll wait for the next proposal in 1-2 days…

  3. Why do you need to bail out (failed) DAOs? Why wouldn’t you simply use a) protocol revenue to accumulate CRV or b) buy CRV with the SPELL tokens?

  4. Are you sure that it’s in the best interest of the protocol to put such a bug bet on Curve to remain dominant for a long time? Who says that other protocols may not be more efficient “soon” and Curve becomes less relevant. Is that risk worth 30b tokens? I don’t know.

  5. Great way to again mix up Wonderland and Abracadabra… The Frog nation meme is just detrimental…


seems like this is a good way to buy up treasury assets that will be going on the market. it clearly states that the smart contracts will be based on the redemption prices, and frankly no DAO token holder is being forced to participate. if you want to redeem your portion of the treasury, then claim your tokens at the DAO UI when its time. if you want to gain spell and watch spell grow, then trade your tokens for spell. or do a combination of both… seems like a win-win. these DAO’s are going down, whether the current users like it or not. there is access to the assets at a fixed redemption price that will have a fair trade value and only benefit spell. my vote is yes


I see two things that I really don’t like:

  1. it means a huge amount of Spell hits the market by people who may or may not intend to hold it. This will be bad for the token price as it would overwhelm the liquidity that is available on the market.
  2. will Abracadabra get the full value of the CRV by doing this? Is it only going to be buying CRV to lock it for the governance, but not use the boost? How will such big purchases be accomplished without creating excess volatility?

Question: how will this impact CRV? Who will get which rights of veCRV when it comes to mCRV? Meaning boost, governance, and income.

How many weeks of renting liquidity would buying all this veCRV cost? Is that really economcial?


So why the fuck vote on anything if you are not gonna acknowledge it at the END !? This is complicated way to wash your hands and rug some ppl while “helping” them …if you let the whales who purchased after the dissolution announcements they will leave with the backup price and then they will be able to buy back at a lower price (current price). So the only option is to remove all liquidity pools of wMEMO so that no more purchases, and then treasury should provide a page to do a direct buy back that too 1) backup price for people who had wMEMO before sifus story! 2) pay just the cost price for people who bought after dissolution announcement /sifugate. Otherwise the long term investors will lose... a lot ! Ill vote NO…not that it mathers anyway tho -.-


I support this proposal. For Abracadabra to survive and do well, we need to own our liquidity. I voted against the merger but I support this proposal.

I’d be in favor of giving them two options ;

  1. no vesting

  2. a small discount with vesting.

This will discourage the dumping of 30 billion SPELL tokens on the market.


A strong Yes! supporting Curve, building security and reducing emissions to 0…Great for both holders of Spell and CRV.


Something like this is a nice solution, a much needed addition. We’re worried about dumpage, they want the best deal possible. We don’t want to scare them away with the vesting though, nor give too much of a discount. So it’s important to make the discount an alternative.

EDIT: Assuming they’re taking a snapshot for eligible wMEMO


The two DAO treasuries have more than $250M worth of assets. Are proposing they don’t receive the market value of their treasuries?

Maybe to leave room for payouts to the DAO token holders if thats what they vote on

Needs to be more incentive to the current dao token holders. Sounds like you guys are more interested in how well your going to make out and no one is looking to take care of the people who got screwed with wonderland . I’m all for fair but this is just another gamble and with same management from wonderland that caused this whole issue to start with. There’s no one looking to go the extra mile to do what’s right and payout some compensation to those of us who are about to lose our ass getting paid back at $30,000.

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so true! Anchor wins because its saying 20% APY and simple UI. The customers aren’t really caring too much about the technical details of Luna and its relation to it. The tech details matter true and some will comb through it but majority want why it’s a profitable move for me with few simple steps. How often I can claim rewards, will it based on speculative nature of the token price or another way to claim. Edit that part of the proposal to make it clear in few steps how much they are likely to earn etc. Make it simple for people to understand likely profits, predictions etc make it easy to decide this is a slow long profitable move for them!

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Then don’t participate in the swap for SPELL. Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything. This is basically just another ICO targeted at a bunch of folks who suddenly have liquidity in their hands.

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I understand ok we will help Abracadabra overcome some difficulties hey what about ours? Let me get straight this circus costed me totally 93 Avax that I was hacked this would never happened if Timewonderland would have a basic security protocol when after click enter app and connect my wallet instead you should had a 2fa in place password or a leeway to connect my yubico key and then in secure environment to connect my wallet to connect to Wonderland.Lack of basic security measures made me lose 93 Avax first time I don’t say that wasn’t my fault that my Trustwallet was hacked what I argue Danielle is that they took it from your platform were I trusted my money in I would never argue with what was took from my wallet but I repeat they took it from your platform because you had a serious security breaches by not assure your Application with basic security measures.In a recent AMA here on Twitter you said you going to help people in those situations and to get in touch with the mod on Discord hey i try to but is impossible to get through you made the communication way impossible. Now I continued to believe in Wonderland I put my last 83 Avax in I wrapped and I continue to believe in projects.
Now you disrespect us by not taking in account what we really are up for we come here for Wonderland as concept mate not for you and not helping you to fight attacks and shite like this as you’ll never ever compensate us for our truly loses you’ll never compensate me that my funds walked about from your platform that you managed irresponsible our funds and regardless the price drop I wouldn’t be much bothered if you were respected the initial agreement that staked Time would compund in a year or Two I would agreed to take this risk and happily I did knowing that I would selling my staked Time even for 5-6 USD in 2023 or 2024 if the compound rate were as promised around 2000-3000 time at the APY that was offered for
Now this I don’t know how to vote and I tell to all members don’t even vote as Danielle this makes no sense for us
You need 250 millions from us in exchange to support Abracadabra ok you said that you’re going to Mint 30 billions of new Spell tokens right ? Simple Math the actual supply of spell tokens is 85.5 Billions roughly adding 30 on top you’ll have a supply of 115 billions with a market cap of 1bn therefore spell will be roughly 1 cent .
What I would eventually get is 2X my actual money on -98%loss I would be -50%loss . The question is now before we making such decision what we want we want a fairer deal
We want the excange at the initial crypto value that we get into because you’re the one that breaches the project and in fact you WANT to Buy your Wmemo back from us .I will agree to sell it back against Avax at the same amount amount I got in .You can check everyone hash transactions to see how much Avax we got in and would be Fair to compensate those who got hacked too.
However yes because Danielle you’re breaching our contract Wonderland is our PROPRIETY you are the Manager of it therefore our last word is how much you want to buy from us and how much we selling back to you to support Abracadabra.
So yes let’s make fair deal and we can make business.