AIP #7 - Expecto Patronum: A shield for all frogs

Then don’t participate in the swap for SPELL. Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything. This is basically just another ICO targeted at a bunch of folks who suddenly have liquidity in their hands.

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I understand ok we will help Abracadabra overcome some difficulties hey what about ours? Let me get straight this circus costed me totally 93 Avax that I was hacked this would never happened if Timewonderland would have a basic security protocol when after click enter app and connect my wallet instead you should had a 2fa in place password or a leeway to connect my yubico key and then in secure environment to connect my wallet to connect to Wonderland.Lack of basic security measures made me lose 93 Avax first time I don’t say that wasn’t my fault that my Trustwallet was hacked what I argue Danielle is that they took it from your platform were I trusted my money in I would never argue with what was took from my wallet but I repeat they took it from your platform because you had a serious security breaches by not assure your Application with basic security measures.In a recent AMA here on Twitter you said you going to help people in those situations and to get in touch with the mod on Discord hey i try to but is impossible to get through you made the communication way impossible. Now I continued to believe in Wonderland I put my last 83 Avax in I wrapped and I continue to believe in projects.
Now you disrespect us by not taking in account what we really are up for we come here for Wonderland as concept mate not for you and not helping you to fight attacks and shite like this as you’ll never ever compensate us for our truly loses you’ll never compensate me that my funds walked about from your platform that you managed irresponsible our funds and regardless the price drop I wouldn’t be much bothered if you were respected the initial agreement that staked Time would compund in a year or Two I would agreed to take this risk and happily I did knowing that I would selling my staked Time even for 5-6 USD in 2023 or 2024 if the compound rate were as promised around 2000-3000 time at the APY that was offered for
Now this I don’t know how to vote and I tell to all members don’t even vote as Danielle this makes no sense for us
You need 250 millions from us in exchange to support Abracadabra ok you said that you’re going to Mint 30 billions of new Spell tokens right ? Simple Math the actual supply of spell tokens is 85.5 Billions roughly adding 30 on top you’ll have a supply of 115 billions with a market cap of 1bn therefore spell will be roughly 1 cent .
What I would eventually get is 2X my actual money on -98%loss I would be -50%loss . The question is now before we making such decision what we want we want a fairer deal
We want the excange at the initial crypto value that we get into because you’re the one that breaches the project and in fact you WANT to Buy your Wmemo back from us .I will agree to sell it back against Avax at the same amount amount I got in .You can check everyone hash transactions to see how much Avax we got in and would be Fair to compensate those who got hacked too.
However yes because Danielle you’re breaching our contract Wonderland is our PROPRIETY you are the Manager of it therefore our last word is how much you want to buy from us and how much we selling back to you to support Abracadabra.
So yes let’s make fair deal and we can make business.

What’s the new benefit? It seems that we go against the intended idea of significantly lowering our amount of tokens. This keeps those tokens in play. I am not completely on board with this.

What is borderline criminal the lack of research people like do before you come up with these rock solid opinions. I am so tired of having to explain to nearly illetarte people like you. Check the tweet and proposal. What you think is happening, is not.


wonderland team winding down. so whats happening is everyone is being offered to exit with their share of wrapped* memo or move it into spell voluntarily cuz most of us are probably in spell already lol.


Backing price of wMEMO holds assets which have huge upside like BSGG tokens, Cross the Ages tokens. And some of these tokens aren’t even received yet, i.e., are locked with vesting schedule. It just won’t make sense to convert this whole backing to SPELL tokens, one can simply swap stable part (MIM, USDC, etc.) of their share to SPELL. Unless contradicted, I am saying NO to this proposal. Previous merger proposal was better than this as in that our treasury was still being used for investment in good projects, protocols, yield farming, trading, etc.

Let me get this right, you want to mint ( print ) money to pay debt ( cost of DAO )
What a novel approach.


This is Abra’s proposal, not Wonderlands. Dani already said that the Wonderland proposal will offer an option to get money back at value of treasury backing. This proposal is for Abra to decide how they’re going to defend against recent attacks. Expecto Patronum is their prospective solution.

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Please help people like me who got liquidated in the recent events being super super safe. I was only taking a loan on abra of 260usd from 1.5 MEMO and got liquidated anyway. imagine that. and I even paid like half of it before liquidation but then avalanche got so congested that had 5 orders to repay but got liquidated before that. I also think that liquidator bots should be open sourced and let frogs join forces to run liquidation bots, because the business is running a liquidation bot and using leverage, from what I can see on all the behavior of you guys. I really like abra, is a super great project really well thought out, branding speaks the language of memes, the CRV plan is a solid plan, will make this one of the strongest defi projects, I would not go all in on CRV, maybe some diversification is good, but Well maybe you know better. I think this proposal needs to explain a little better how will this benefit holders of spell but with a clear example with numbers, projections etc.


What we getting back for Wmemo backing price is utterly ridiculous still 95%down now spell is up 22% in last 24 hours Wmemo like 8% so the first RED Flag is the exchange rate.
However even so trades from higher to higher up are still possible what happened with ACH after was listed on Coinbase 300%up in 2-3 days.
What we need is numbers no philosophy and purposes or reading shite that’s irrelevant.
Numbers APY % ,%profit share , Potential ROI %
All this is fuckin non sense I don’t see anyone enthusiastic about this as most of people have no clue WTF is this on about.
Idea is DAO on 97% down in few days fuckin great now foggy projects that no one understands it.
I don’t think people would bother even vote this I’ll be surprised.
What we vote for we been sent to Fuck now why should we embrace this shite
Gives our Avax back including those who were hacked from your platform mate as you didn’t had not even a basic form of protection when accessing the app I understand what took from my wallet is my responsibility but my vulnerable wallet was the key to your platform my funds possible other’s too .
I mean is so hard making a password on the site link a 2FA or a Yubico key?
I wouldn’t lost 93 Avax from Wonderland if your platform had adequate security measures it would be detained them I don’t challenge what they took from my wallet but they took it from your platform eiger.
Pay us the same Avax we got in because you broke the contract not we.
Wonderland by the way belong to us including the website and the tokens.
We shouldn’t accept that we can have the treasury in own hands if the community is United enough. Things is no one should manage it actually can be managed by consensus by community everyone keeping its coins


You got hacked because you didn’t invest in a hardware wallet, and you’re 95% down because the investment you chose had a 95% drawdown.

You made your own decisions, noone else. If you can’t figure that out then I’m afraid you’re not gonna make it.


This is not a bail out of Wonderland. This is basically an ICO to a bunch of folks with sudden liquidity in their hands. The only question SPELL hodlers need to consider is do they want to conduct a coin offering and raise a bunch of fresh capital quickly?


A global lawsuit its being prepaired against Wonderland from what i eared so watch your spell bags boys it gonna get heavy.

To avoid future drama, I humbly ask all ALL Abracadabra multisig to doxxed themselves and declared of any negative history


Wonderland may be a different project but same ecosystem. Imagine if they were built out as such. If all of the frog nations projects stopped fighting over who gets what and they started working together making one massive fly wheel.

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Asking for all the msig to be doxxed is not gonna happen. DEVs are anon for good reason, and some have nothing to do with TIME. Their track record speaks for itself.


There is a bit of an assumption that holders of their DAO tokens will come and swap. But there are some very very big holders of these DAO tokens, and if they are looking for a long term stake in SPELL then this is pretty golden. You can consider this an OTC deal then. But instead of making it exclusive, it’s permissionless, and for this reason, I like this…

The quantities of how much, I m not invested enough to much care. But to transition from paying for LPs has been proven many times to be worth exploring.

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This makes sense as long stablecoins don’t get scammed by Biden soon, in which case it doesn’t matter what they do. Can anyone comment on the willingness of CRV to allow this type of influence? the other assumption will be that the WMEMO holder will come and swap, is this going to be voted on by TIME holders as well, or is this an open call to accumulate share of the treasury?

As a spell holder I like it, just not sure how smooth the actual execution of the plan will be.

you try so hard to mix up Wonderland and Abracadabra
it’s so annoying!

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Maybe another question is: Are the current hodlers of wMEMO the best possible investors for the future of SPELL? My feeling is no. And I also feel like there would be other interested (strategic) investors.

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Great idea! SPELL to $1… People need to have vision for the future of DeFi and this makes us a lot stronger. Frogs together strong